AppImages for QUCS

Building AppImages for QUCS with (legacy) Qt4

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These are the GitHub pages for the AppImages for QUCS-0.0.20

Ok, this is basically a stop-gap solution for using QUCS in platforms that have ditched Qt4, like Ubuntu 20.04 and derivatives.

This repository downloads the QUCS-0.0.20-rc2 sources from the main repository and build an AppImage on Ubuntu 16.04 (the one provided by GitHub actions).

Notice that the AppImage generated does not integrate nicely in the desktop — if anybody knows why and how to fix it, a PR or even a suggestion as an issue will be appreciated!

The versions of AppImage will be available on the release page.

Directlink to the latest build 0.0.20-rc2 AppImage.

md5sum for the binary above: eeb4fde1b06bbb600db2d5e23b1958a1

To use it, simply make it executable (chmod +x Qucs*.AppImage, or with your file manager) and run it (./Qucs*.AppImage or double click the icon).

Support or Contact

This thing is offered “as is” — but if you have any idea to make this a better repository, please tell me.

For now it will be updated manually when needed — but my idea is to try to try to integrate it into the main QUCS repository.